* Conditions in the hills can change rapidly, so be prepared.

* Carry sufficient food and drink.

* Wear loose fitting clothing that offer protection from the sun in hot weather.

* Use sun tan lotion and wear reflective hat.

* Carry waterproofs.

* Carrying a windproof in cold weather to keep out wind and reduce wind chill is strongly recommended.

* Wear walking boots for ankle support – definitely no trainers or sandals etc

* Wear appropriate clothing for the expected weather conditions.  Where possible have a number of thin layers that can be removed/worn, rather than thick and bulky items.

* Definitely no jeans, as these can become heavy when wet and add to wind chill.

* Please inform the Club about any health issue/condition that may be of importance. 

* Don’t walk on own, unless you are competent to do so.

* Please don’t be late back from the walk, as this affects everyone else on the trip.

* Don’t be afraid to ask questions or advice. If in doubt – ask.

* Take map and compass if you have one and the knowledge to use them.


NOTE - These lists are only meant as a guide to general walking requirements and should not be considered as complete for all weather and ground conditions.

The hazards associated with trips to the Lakes etc may be more severe and therefore the Club “Safety on the Hills Guide” must be read before participating in these trips.  Please note that such trips are only available to full members.

Important notes

Norfolk Hillwalking Club accepts no responsibility for any loss/damage to property or personal injury resulting from any Club activity.   All participants engaged in Club activities do so at their own risk.  Participants also have a duty for the health and safety of themselves and others at all times whilst participating in Club events.

Please ensure you make the Club aware of any health conditions etc that you consider relevant when attending any or specific Club events.

Anyone acting as a leader assumes the overall health and safety responsibility for everyone within their group.  Please therefore ensure you deem yourself competent to lead your walk, taking into account expected weather conditions and terrain etc.  There is however no requirement to lead a walk unless you wish to do so.