What sort of trips does the Club organise?

We usually run a day trip to mainly the Derbyshire area once a month, but we also visit other areas, such as the Chilterns and the South Coast.  We also put on a couple of 5 day trips a year to the Lakes or Wales, using comfortable self catering accommodation. 

What other events does the Club arrange?

We usually meet up once a month, via a local evening walk in the summer and an indoor event in the winter.  We also have several local canoeing days (spare spaces in member’s canoes and life jackets usually available), along with a range of other events as listed in our Programme of Events, which is published every 6 months.

Do I need to drive?

As we use a hired minibus for both day trip and the longer breaks, you only need to get to a convenient pick up point as detailed in one of the questions below.  Members however can volunteer to drive the minibus as long as they hold a clean driving licence and are over the age of 25, but most members are happy to sit back and enjoy the ride.

What sort of minibus does the Club use?

We use a modern hired 17 seater minibus from a local long established company, which we have been hiring from since around 1995.  All minibuses we hire are fitted with seatbelts and headrests. 

Isn’t Derbyshire too far for a day trip?

Absolutely not!! One of the key benefits of the Club is being able to walk in these areas without the hassle of taking holiday from work.  Most members catch up on sleep both on the way up and on the way back

How do I find out about forthcoming events?

We produce a 6 monthly programme of events, which can be seen on our website (www.norfolkhillwalkingclub.co.uk).  This can also be sent via post or e-mailed if required by contacting either the Club chairman or secretary, who are also very happy to answer any club related questions or queries you may have. Details towards the bottom of these questions.

Can I try out an event before joining?

Yes – you can attend a maximum of 2 daytrips as a temporary member, but you do need to pay an extra £2 per trip.  All other activities except daytrips are free unless stated in the Programme. Regrettably you do need to be a full member in order to attend longer breaks to the Lakes etc.  Annual membership (runs March to Feb) is £18 for single or £30 for a family, with retuded rates from October

What age group does the Club cater for?

The club is open to all age groups, but under 18's need to be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for them.

How many members does the Club have?

At the present the club has around 35 members, but we are always looking to welcome new members. 

I’d love to give Hillwalking a try, but not sure if I’m fit enough

One of our biggest objectives is to encourage people to get out and enjoy the hills, irrespective of whether they are seasoned walkers or have never been hillwalking before.  We always therefore ensure that there is a walk available for all abilities on each trip, with the idea being to enjoy the walk, rather than being an endurance test. 

Do I need to be able to use a map and compass?

No, not unless you wish to, as you can tag along on one of the walks suggested by one or more of the members on the trip.  Many of our current members learnt the skills of map reading and using a compass by joining the club via help from other members or on a formal club navigation evening, which are arranged on demand.

What equipment do I need to bring?

On the typical day trip you will need a pair of walking boots, preferably waterproof, comfortable clothing, but avoid jeans as these can be very heavy and conduct heat easily if they become wet, a rucksack, size depending on how much you bring.  Waterproofs are also an essential item, whatever the time of year.  Gloves, hats and a warm coat are also a good idea in the winter, along with a windproof to help keep out the cold wind.  For the summer, you will need sun cream and a sunhat, along with clothing that offers suitable protection from the summer sun in order to avoid heatstroke. Plenty of fluids are essential, particularly in the summer, along with a packed lunch and other snacks for eating during the walk.

How far do you walk on a typical day?

Depends on the location and weather on the day.  On an average day we usually walk between 10 and 12 miles, but this can be reduced to 6 or 7 miles in the wind and rain, particularly if there’s a tea shop or pub nearby!  As stated before, the distance will always be dependent on those attending and a suitable walk will always be available for everyone, particularly for those who haven’t been before.

Where are the pick up points for Day trips?

We usually start from the Sainsbury’s car park at Longwater in Costessesy, which is just off the A47 Southern bypass near the Norfolk Showground.  We leave at 6.30 am sharp, so aim to be there by 6.20 am.  Other pick up points en-route are possible, depending on the day trip destination, with Swaffham and Kings Lynn being regular points when heading for Derbyshire.

I’m new to Hillwalking and afraid I won’t be able to keep up?

We always ensure no-one is left behind and focus on everyone enjoying the walk, rather than being a route march.  All walks are done at the slowest walker’s pace

What about food stops?

We stop for breakfast, but where and what depends on the destination.  If heading for Derbyshire we usually stop at the Friendly Farmer in Newark, or for other destinations, we have taken the camping stoves and cooked up bacon rolls en-route, which works well and keeps the cost of breakfast down.  We always stop for a pub evening meal on the way home, but both breakfast and the evening meal are optional, although most members do participate in both.

How much does it cost to join?

Membership runs from Feb to Jan each year and costs £18 for single and £30 for family.  After October the rate is on a pro-rata basis, costing a twelfth of the annual cost for each month remaining.

How much are the day trips?

Day trips for members are currently £16 per person per trip, unless otherwise stated, plus an additional £2.00 per trip (maximum of 2 trips) for temporary members.

When do I need to pay for the trip?

We usually take the trip money during the pub evening meal, at which point bookings are also taken for future trips.  We haven’t yet had anyone spend their trip money on beer instead before paying up time!

Can I bring my dog and/or children?

Due to shortage of space and for the comfort of other members, unfortunately we can’t allow dogs on the minibus.  Children are welcome on trips as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult, but unfortunately we cannot offer discounts for children as the club has to cover the cost of hiring the minibus and the fuel.  Also the guardian would be responsible for providing the correct booster seat for the child.

How do I get more details?

Please contact either the Chairman – Patrick, or Diane the Secretary on 01508 493017.  Mobile – 07787573797, 07584252256, or e mail at pthirkettle429@btinternet.com, or respond by using the Contact Form on the website

How can I book up for an event?

Please ring Diane on the above number/e-mail address, who will be very glad to assist.